Cornell Laser Annealing Simulation Package (CLASP)

Cornell Laser Annealing Simulation Package (CLASP) is a software package that simulates 2D thermal profiles under Laser Spike Annealing (LSA). Laser spike annealing is carried out in the 50-5000 us time regime at temperatures up to the melting point, and results in dopant activation, especially in the deep source/drain regions.

CLASP consists of a core LSA engine and a GUI frontend. The core engine addresses both CO2 and diode laser based absorption in complex thin film stacks. The simulation output includes thermal history of near surface and full 3D temperature profiles through wafer.

This temperature profile history can then be used as input for diffusion and activation studies in process simulators.  The dynamics of the temperature profile can also be used in subsequent stress and defect generation models.

LSA core-engine features:

  1. Bullet Full thermal property simulation in 2D.

  2. Bullet CO2 physical based absorption model with thermal carrier generation.

  3. Bullet Laser diode based absorption.

  4. Bullet Multiple simultaneous laser sources.

  5. Bullet Optical coupling with complex thin-film geometries (uniform blanket films).

  6. Bullet Database for material optical coupling properties.

  7. Bullet Database for material thermal properties.

GUI frontend features:

  1. Bullet Editors for problem definition and simulation run.

  2. Bullet Simulation progress view and output views.

  3. Bullet In-built facility for plotting and saving temperature profiles.

  4. Bullet Ability to save and load model definitions.

  5. Bullet Facility for automatic updates from the distribution website.